Do I need to have an Insurance License to be in business with PUSH Financial Group?

YES. All of PUSH Agents must have, or obtain a license to write business. As the Insurance Industry is highly regulated, and it is a state requirement. If not already licensed, we offer Pre-licensing courses online through XCEL and License Coach to take care of all your licensing needs. As well, Live Classroom courses are available in each state.

Are there any cost or fees to be in business with PUSH Financial Group?

NO. There are no fees associated with joining the PUSH Team.

How much can an Agent make?

At PUSH Financial Group the sky’s the limit. Here in our industry, agents make anywhere from $500 a week part-time upwards to having Million Dollar Incomes. With Dedication, Loyalty, and Good work ethic you hold the keys to your Success!

Is training provided?

Absolutely! When you come onboard you will be able to take part in our $500 Fast Start Training Program. We also have weekly PUSH trainings and meetings, Carrier trainings, webinars and more. Were growing so fast, we’re excited about the opportunity for our upcoming leaders who will be able to train and manage teams of people nationwide.

Can I start Part-Time?

Yes. As a matter of fact, some of our most successful agents started Part-Time while keeping their jobs before transitioning into a Full-Time Career with PUSH Financial Group.

Does PUSH Financial Group provide leads for their agents?

Yes, however optional. We have a different variety of leads for agents to purchase to help boost their business. Why not talk to people who are willing and ready to buy what you have!?!? There’s agents who make a six figure income their very first year through following our PUSH2K system and purchasing leads.

Are there Opportunities for advancement?

Yes. Here at PUSH you can advance and get promoted every 2 months. We also have advancement into management opportunities.

Can I do this Nationwide?

Yes. You can build and conduct your business in any and every state. As well you can write business in any state, so as long as you meet state requirements.

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