Work With the Best

Imagine joining a team that has the products to make sure when you make a sales call, you can protect their families and choose the best! Know that each carrier is evaluated on their ability to be service oriented to both the client and the agent! Another criteria is the ease of underwriting and the percentage of applications for which a medical records review (APS) is required. Another important criteria is the depth and breadth of products that a carrier can provide.

“I know, hard to believe that you could run five to seven 45-minute appointments a week booked from the strongest leads in the industry, close the sale on 95% of them, turn the application in and get paid on the full advance by the next week, most with daily pay! Our agents do that all the time.” The question is – will you?

Focus on a Few Top Companies

The intent is not to contract with a hundred different carriers. In fact, quite the opposite is true. When you concentrate your efforts and loyalty to a few top companies so that your product focus is on a few key, high-demand products, yet the best in the industry, you can easily learn to sell the product lines and manage your business with familiar voices on the phone.

Provide Products that Fit Most Clients Situation

From mortgage protection products to universal life programs; from basic term to annuities and everything in between, you will be able to provide families with something that will fit their budget and their goals. You don’t have to worry if there is anything better out there, because chances are that a particular company or product has already been evaluated to be certain if it’s a good fit for our clients or our agents.

Carrier Timeliness to issue a Policy in Days….many with Daily Pay!

Have you ever measured the time to issue a policy in months ? Our agents here at Push Financial Group are used to measuring time to issue in days. In fact, some of our products can be issued in several hours. Can you get used to submitting applications on Tuesday, getting it approved, and paid as quickly as Thursday ? Our agents have that happen for them all the time. Of course, it is product specific, but fully underwritten policies can be issued in a few weeks. Imagine that 75% of your business that you write is more of the fast issue, non-medical type ? I know you would agree that life would be very, very good!

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