Driving on an empty asphalt road in blurred motion towards the light and sign which symbolizing success. Concept for success.

Wow! So many people in life are looking for opportunities to grow and advance themselves in this world. There are so many different opportunities out there. I say that there are some Great and not so Great, however there are some that no matter what if you work hard and smart enough you can achieve what you are seeking to desire in life!

I Always said to look for a Great Vehicle to drive. What I mean by that is the Opportunity itself. Here At PUSH FInancial Group, it is a Vehicle, and you can drive this Vehicle as Fast or as Slow as you want……But Just Drive! You see the Great thing about having the opportunity to drive with PUSH is it allows for all peope of all backgrounds to staart driving the same vehicle, and achieve the kind of personal and business Success they are looking for. The ability to come in and make a handsome income from merely nothing to changing your whole life around within a year, is just the craziest thing, but it happens here everyday!

The fact that there is multiple ways to get paid, and different achievement levels. From the individual who just wants to make a humble $1500 month part time to the individual who wants to have a 7 figure Income…..Only in PUSH! The ability to Own your Own Book of Business, Own your own Agency from the start, no politics involved….(can we all breathe a sigh of relief…)


I hear some of you! You’ve been looking for the right vehicle for a long time coming. Well were ready to have you enjoy the Drive with us and have a Great time along this journey… Time To Go PUSH!!! Come For The Ride!!!

Sincerly Yours,

W.C. Dodd
PUSH Financial Group

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